Salaryman but still rich

Do you agree with the title? Most of us think that as a salaryman we can’t be rich. Only those businessman or CEO could become wealthy people. I’m also a salaryman and still not rich but I’ve read some of criteria for those salaryman who want to become rich. Read this

Criteria 1 : Consistency saving

– Most of rich people consistenly saving. Ask Warren Buffet, how much money in his saving. It is a big buck. As a salaryman, we need to save at least 10% from our income.
Nowaday, there’s convenient way to save by auto debit the salary to others account or investment fund.

Criteria 2 : Consistency Meeting Creditor

– Don’t afraid to see creditor. Discuss with your creditor if there’s problem of your debtor. They could consider within the procedure.

Criteria 3: Making Good Relationship

– Most of richest people have a good relationship with others especially to their family. They also know how to make good relationship to others. It is important because it could help them to maintain their credibility.

Criteria 4 : Learn and Implement

– Most individual that get opportunity because they love to learn and hunger for new skill. They learn and adopt the skill. The good leader will give more opportunitu as promotion for this type of staff.
– Many CEO comes from lower grade and become the most powerfull worker in company as they learn and work hard.

Criteria 5 : Know how to invest
– Salaryman also can be rich if they know where to invest their salary. They invest their income or EPF to good fund that bring more fortune but not rich scheme pyramid.

That’s some of criteria a salaryman could be rich. Do you agree?

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