Sell my 2nd stock and Buy My 3rd Stock

Last Friday, I just sell my previous from NWP Holding. I just decide to sold the stock after look at the chart trend and news.
I’ve also read at their quarterly report on consolidated result and do some research. After doing some study, I don’t think NWP Holding could up in short term period.

NWP stock
NWP Stock chart looking downtrend

It is time for me to take another decision to sell the stock. I’ve sold the stock that me lose 20%. It is a new learning process for me as working in stock will involved in lose too.
Learning process will take time but to make it easier we need to learn from the expertise. I’ve ask my remisier to sell the stock and buy new. I’ve got advice from my friends to buy FrontKen Corp.
The chart is good as it is in Uptrend chart which mean the company stock could be increase in short time. I buy it at RM0.40 and will hold it on the next price. I’ve planned to hold for at least 3 weeks or a month.
Hopefully it will increase as I want to use it as a capital for my investment in steady company. Honestly, I’m not familiar with Frontken business but I take risk to learn and do some research about this company. Frontken  also become the most active company in Bursa Malaysia for last week.

FrontKen stock

Oo. I’ve get invitation to Annual General Meeting for DRB Hicom but I’m not ready yet. The meeting is on weekday and I couldn’t apply for holiday. Maybe I need to have big amount stock before I’ve attend the general meeting or after I’m steadily on stock market.

Last week, I’ve also attend some seminar about stock from Asri Ahmad Academy. The seminar is great as many thing have been shared. Not just about profit but also the life as trader and investor.
Maybe some of you have any experience in buying stock? I’m still beginner but I will share my experience in this blog. Thanks for reading this.

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