Singaporeans Are Biggest ASEAN Online Spenders

ASEAN is one of the most commonly purchases items online. Country like Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia consumers are really like to shopping online.

According to a study by ‘ The Nielsen Global Survey of E-Commerce‘, Filipinos are the most cautious when it comes to paying online by credit card with 67%. This follows by Indonesians (60%), Vietnamese (55%), Malaysians (52%) and Singaporeans (41%).
Based on their study about 49% of global consumers do not trust about revealing their credit card information online.


A study published by VISA also shows Singaporeans are ASEAN top online shoppers. VISA study also found that 58% of Singaporeans made online purchases at least once a month. The survey found that 50% of Singaporeans would conduct all their shopping online.

Singaporeans between ages of 25-44 were the most frequently buy online. About 53% within the ages of 25-34 shopped online several times a month while 44% within ages 34-44 also shopping online.

51% Singaporean who conducted their e-commerce bought their flight tickets online, while 46% bought all their travel accommodation online. The second most popular categories is concert or sporting tickets and games online purchases.


UBS researchers estimated there were close to 200 million internet users across the ASEAN region but “The Visa Consumer Payment Attitudes Study 2014? which was conducted in July this year only covered Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, with 500 respondents surveyed in each of the four markets. The average cost of the most expensive item that Singaporeans have purchased online was S$2,887 (US$2,300; £1,412; RM7,470).
Source :- Finance Twitter

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