Six Ways College Students Can Earn Extra Money

Many college students find it difficult to maintain any part time job, due to their very busy schedule. Fortunately, there are ways you can do to make some money and you don’t have to file out job applications for full time job.

  1. Tutor other students: Tutoring freshmen can be a good way to get proper payment. Many new college students struggle to keep up and they need some extra help to adapt. By becoming tutor, not only you provide learning assistance, but also guide new students to survive better in the college. You can print out flyers that contain phone numbers. There are many quiet spots on campus where you can provide a session. It is easy to set a rate. That $8 per hour rate will add up fast!
  2. Provide notes for students with special needs: Sharing notes should be easy to do and you can help students who have disabilities. These students may not be able to attend all classes due to their physical conditions. If you are a good note taker, then you should offer your service to students with special needs. Some students may have part time jobs and they have to skip some classes. Make sure that your notes are well structured and can be read easily. You may type your notes and then print them out. This can be a good learning process as well, because you will need to re-read and reorganize your notes.
  3. Sell your items: It is a fact that your trash can be someone else’s treasure. Sell your old books, electronic devices and various items to younger students. If you can’t find someone in the college who wants to buy your items, you can use websites like eBay, Craigslist, Etsy, Depop, Letgo, Decluttr and others. You may be able to sell your items with good price.
  4. Use It is a good website for students who want to get odd jobs and earn some cash. It is also a great way to earn some cash during weekend. You can download the smartphone app of Find one-day or weekend jobs within 10 miles of the campus. A business may need a few extra hands to organize inventory or move equipment, especially during a weekend big sale event. You can be paid hourly or daily depending on the agreement.
  5. Become a product representative: Students can get payment if they use and represent a product in the college. They should introduce the product to their fellow students. This is a flexible advertising job and suitable for socially active students. Extroverted students should be able to spread the message more effectively.
  6. Participate in a research: Students can volunteer in various research programs. The medical and psychology departments may seek participants for researches. Students often need to conduct researches, so they can graduate. Researchers will compensate participants for their time and effort. Often, it only takes a couple hours to participate in the research. Make sure that the research is non-invasive and any of your personal information is kept confidential.

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