Steak N Shake Waitress Get $446 Tip on $6 Meal

CeCe Bruce is a nice waitress at an Indianapolis Steak n Shake restaurant. She has received a couple of tips in her life but it is extra ordinary tips on last Wednesday.


Cece Bruce, a part time student at Martin University in Indianapolis picked up Miss Jo’s , a frequent patron of the restaurant credit card receipt, she thought the tip was $46 but it is surprising that the tips is $446 for $5.97 meals.

Bruce told WTHR

“When I looked again, I said ‘Oh my gosh, Miss Jo, I’m not taking that!’ And she said, ‘Yes, you’re taking it,’ Bruce told WTHR.

13 WTHR Indianapolis
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Look at the geneorisity of Ms Jojo. Can we give the tips like her? I think it is not about money but how the customer appreciate the service of the waitress.  Any comment on this story ? Share with

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