Struggling with your money

Are you struggle with your money? If you ask me, the answer is YES. Be Honesty, most of us have problem in money even though you’re┬ámillionaire.
It is normal in the mid month that you look on your account and laugh without any funny joke. Look at your budget but found negative amount.


But don’t become mad, you need to be patient because money is not all of your life. The important part is our health, without good health we can’t do nothing.
Let’s discuss why most of us struggling with money. This is my opinion

1) We don’t know why our money is not enough every month. It ain’t easy to track if you not discipline enough. Using an App such as Myevelopes could help but the important part is consistency.
Sometimes using a small notebook is enough rather than technology. It is how you put in your mind that your expenses must be written properly.

2) Why are you spending? Some of us pay much for entertainment including me. Why put the cable television if you just watch it for 2-3 hour per day or maybe just subscribe to watch sports such as BPL, La Liga. There’s an alternative out there using internet line.

3) We think all of our salary is for us. It is totally wrong. Some of the money is not own by us. Donate some to the charity. You will get something from GOD after that.

4) No discipline in maintenance. Maintenance means everything that need to maintain such as property, car and even our body too. We need to know when to do maintenance. Late maintenance will cost more than we must.

5) Want to become RICH. Some of us think that have more money could bring fortune. It is right but also wrong if you couldn’t properly manage your finance. If you can do it alone, just get an advice from an expert. Do some investment and learn about it. Managing money is not short term activity, it need to do until our last breath in the world. Most of millionaire not aim for MONEY, they aim for SUCCESS in their life. Money and fortune will come after that.


Struggle with money is fine but don’t take it too serious. Plan properly and JUST DO the think that need to be done. Always believe and pray to GOD.

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