Symptoms of losing financial control

Do you have experienced losing financial control ?  I think most of us have experience financial control. Don’t know about it?  Let’s see the symptoms of losing financial control for our guideliness .


losing financial control

  • Always being overdrawn especially before middle of the month.
  • Not being sure whether the cashpoint machine is going to pay out or not.
  • Not being at all sure what figure will be at the end of a bank statement.
  • Losing cash around the house or finding odd bits of cash – even bank notes – in various pockets.
  • Losing track of the direct debits or standing orders that are operating on your account.
  • Impulse buying.
  • Readily borrowing from and lending money to friends.
  • Making minimum payments each month on credit cards.
  • Instead of asking, ‘ What is the total cost ?’ asking , ‘Can I afford the monthly repayment?’
  • Not knowing the rate of interest you are paying on credit cards, store cards and bank borrowing
  • Leaving payments of bills until the last possible moment – certainly until the ‘red’ bill and often not until threatened with legal action.
  • Getting taken in by offers of finance that come through the post.

Reference :- Rob Parsons – The Money Secret

Okay, how about that? Do you have the symptoms of losing financial control as above? If yes, you need to do something before it become worse. It means you have problem in managing money and I think you are facing debt problem. Am I right ?  Don’t worry, you still have time to improve it. Follow this blog and maybe I’ll share some tips. Why I like to share it? It is because I’m also facing the same problem and I’ve some of the symptoms and now I’m in repairing progress. So,  we can learn together and hopefully we can change our life to pay attention about financial.


Do you realize that you are in financial trouble> There are some sings to indicate

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  1. Well hello Zolar, I can certainly identify with this post, a bank limit was for too long seen as a challenge to meet rather than to be avoided!

    With so much easy credit around its all too easy to forget the game you are being asked to play, you may not consider yourself a gambler but that is what they wish you to become.

    The gamble is of course that your current situation will remain the same or ideally improve such that this new credit remains manageable along side all of your existing gambles. Of course none of us knows what will truly happen in the next hour let alone in the next few months, so taking on credit or adding to our existing is the one gamble we really should avoid.

  2. Well, I don’t know if taking a credit is always a bad habit.
    Here in my country I run a small business. I started it with a small credit when my husband lost his job. In less than 1 year our bussines was enough to let us earn for a decent living.

    I guess, that depend a lot about how do you spent those money 🙂

  3. hi diana,,, maybe it could turn good if we use the credit to make profit.. but for spending is still bad…

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