Teen Gets $31,000 Deposit in Account

A kid in Georgia luckily get a lot of money and won’t give it back. On March 7, the First Citizens Bank in Hull, Georgia made a mistake depositing $31,000 from a customer named Steven Fields into other’s 18 years old customer that has the same name.

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The teenager finding the bank’s error and immediately spent it. Ten days later, the original Fields discovered the bank mistake which time the teenager had spent $5,000 on his debit card and withdrew another $20,000 in cash. When the bank asked him to return the money, the young Fields claimed that they were wrong and no mistake had been made.

The money he said was a direct deposit from his grandmother’s estate. As the investigation do, the claims were lies but the teenager even promised to return with proof of his inheritance which he never did.

Unfortunately for young Fields as the law takes this position and keeping this money is illegal. The complicated story of this show that knowingly taking or keeping property that doesn’t belong to you is crime. When banks make an accidental deposit the recipient has to return this money because mistake or not the money never belonged to the person in the first place.
What turn this from a simple bit of paperwork into a criminal matter is what you do after the bank explains its error.This issue is what’s known in the law as mens rea or the guilty mind.

In this case, prosecutors probably have less to deal with in. It’s one thing to deal with a defendant who can claim that his worst sin was inattention to detail and trusting his bank statement.

//I’ve heard this similar case in my country and the person who used the money will be charge. So, don’t spend the money that not belong to you or you will become a criminal..

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