The insurance policies you don’t need

There’s many insurance policies being recommend but the insurance agent. Some of the insurance really need and some is not worthy to buy. I just found the article about insurance you don’t need. Just read it

Critical-illness insurance: Most of these policies pay out a lump sum and may also offer a monthly payment for policyholders who are diagnosed with a critical illness.
The illness must be on the insurance company’s list of acceptable illnesses. There may be a requirement for the policyholder to survive a minimum number of days from diagnosis. Some policies may not cover outpatient treatments and illnesses that arise from the disease. The insurer may also have specific rules to determine whether a diagnosis is valid. Having a solid medical-insurance policy may be a better place to put your dollars.

Long-term-care insurance: This insurance is designed to help cover the costs if you eventually need long-term care. For folks with an average income or savings, it may make sense. For those with a lot of money or no money, it probably doesn’t.  Higher income retirees should try to save enough money in case they do need long-term care. Some policies may offer good coverage but it is expensive.

Disability insurance: These policies can be costly and the coverage can vary. Most require a waiting period of a certain number of days you have to be disabled before you can receive your benefits. Still, about one-third of workers end up on the disabled list, out of work for three or more months, at some point in their careers, so it could be a good idea to find out what coverage you might — or might not — have at work. And these policies can be useful for self-employed people, but read the fine print to understand your coverage. Clarify the insurers’ definition of disability.

Source :- MarketWatch


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