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Hello yourfinancialblog reader. As I’m wrote this entry on Sunday I think to share about my personal budget. Maybe it is a bit personal but it could give benefit to you. Maybe you can follow the good idea and throw the bad one.
For your information, I will married on February 2013 and before that there’s many things to do. The main thing is money. The cost of wedding is not cheap and I need to tighten my budget especially in this 2 months. It make worst after I lose about RM600 because give the money to help my brother’s wedding on last October 2013. But as a brother that my responsible and I won’t regret about it. As we know, we can get money anytime but not our family.

I just received my salary last 2 days and I need to make budget about it. This month, I don’t receive any side income from online jobs. It means, the saving not increase. Luckily, my wedding is February and I’ve time to receive dividend from my account saving. It is not too much but it will help me to increase my saving for wedding expenses. The expenses I need to is :-

1) Photography expenses. I’ve hire a good photographer and it cost me RM1,000. It is cheaper as he is expertise but I need to give deposit. That’s mean I need to have about RM500 for deposit.
2) Money gift. It cost me about RM4,000. Adding for the wedding transaction I need about RM300 more.
3) Deposit for catering. I need to have another RM2,000.
4) Wedding clothes. It cost about RM60 more.
5) Other’s expenses cost about RM500

So all the cost is about RM7,560. It is a big amount but I need to get it. My saving is not enough but I hope I can decrease the expenses.

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Financial planning is important to be successful financially. If an individual does not practice financial
In personal budget, writing daily expenses is most important part to know where your money

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