Tips for Negotiating a Raise

You work at the company more than 5 years but don’t get any raise. It will frustrated when heard your friend being promoted or the salary increase. So, what’s wrong? You are hardworking worker and settle what the objective of the company but still same as 5 years ago.

Here are 10 things you should and should’nt do to negotiating a raise

1. Pick the best time to negotiate with your boss/manager. Make sure you have a good track record of your work. It is important to get the best time. Avoid to ask for raise if the company have a financial problems.

2. Do you really know about your manager? How about his/her thinking about the person’s value? You must know the attitude of your manager. They more willing to paid more if you give them a good impression.

3. Many of workers request for raise and talk about they personal reasons. Avoid this and show the reason related to business and your value to the company.

4. Don’t compare your salary to co-workers. I know that we will frustrated if co-workers getting more money than you. Managers won’t take it as a credit to raise any employee. Just get the base your salary requirements on the industry norm and the contribution you make to company.

5. Think the last achievement you made and how it affected to the business. If you give the contribution to the company, manager will think you’re important and scared to lose you.

6. Provide detail your achievement. You can show your manager the compliments from customers. The idea is to show your value to the business.

7. Never threaten to leave. Okay, some case work if you are really important but if not then the uplevel management won’t care if you leave.

8. Attitude of entitlement is not good. It won’t go over well if you feel entitled to raise just because year’s gone or you just complete basic requirement of job.

9. Do a rehearseal before going to negotiate a raise. It look like you get a first interview and it ain’t easy to get raise. If possible, learn how to act.

10.Don’t angry or mad if your boss turns down your negotiation. Maybe it is not the day for you and maybe you could get raise after that.

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