Tips for Saving in Ramadhan

Happy Ramadhan day for Muslim. Hopefully, this Ramadhan we could save our money rather than waste it. Most of Muslim keep on wasting even though their daily food intake reduce 2 times only. It is bad habit as money also being throw. We want to save in Ramadhan but it is difficult as we get trapped by people who want to sell.

In this article I’ll share on how we could do to save during Ramadhan.
Here are a few tips that can help us to save during Ramadhan :-

1) Avoid Expensive Food.

Most of us will buy iftar at Bazar Ramadhan to save our time prepare for meals. How about this? Buy only a meals and cook the rice by yourself. If possible do iftar at mosque as they provide free meals.
While Suhors you can heat the iftar meals. Avoid iftar at hotel or expensive restaurant.Hotels and restaurants may offer good deals, but when it comes to mass consumption, they are still big expenses compared to quiet meals at home to break the fast with your family and friends.

2) Stick to Your Budget

Do some financial planning for Ramadhan. Having a budget is important and creating one is easy to do, so find the time to sit down and study your finances, and then create a budget that works for you for the Ramadhan season.

3) Doing iftar with your big family
Back to your village and iftar with them. It is not just could save money but also keep bonds to our family. It is much fun than eating with just our family.

4) Put saving in your account

Don’t forget to put some of your money in your saving/investment account. Many people don’t put it as priority. It is a must even in Ramadhan.

5) Do some extra work to gain extra money
If you have skill to make some cakes or cookies, it is time for your to get extra income. Many people get profit in this Ramadhan more than any other months.

6) Remember to Pay Zakat. 

Don’t forget to pay zakat as it is one way for us to gain forgiveness from Allah. It also means share our wealth with poor.

That’s some of tips for saving in Ramadhan. I’m wish that you can have health finance in Ramadhan,

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