Tips on choosing a bankruptcy lawyer

Sometimes, there no way to debt consolidation company when your financial state can’t be save then filling bankruptcy is the last choice. Many lawyers will make this bankruptcy filling as one of important business and sometimes the debtors unfortunately obtain inferior legal service. Acquiring the bankruptcy lawyer could probably be a difficult task. That’s why you need to have some knowledge before hiring a bankruptcy lawyer. This is some of the guidelines for you to:-


1. You need to ask some of the question at the lawyer such as :
Certification of the lawyer
Experience to handle the case
Number of case handle in month or year
What access you will get during filing the bankruptcy
The person in charge and backup
Time frame to do the case
The procedure of the case and work


|Bankruptcy at young age |

2. Do some site visit. Look at the lawyer office and look how they handle case. How the management of the lawyer organization. It is important to look at their office to know their credibility. Do you want to hire lawyer that don’t have enough worker with so many files on their table?

Examples & Explanations: Bankruptcy & Debtor Creditor, Sixth Edition|

3. Don’t hire cheapest lawyer. Try to get the reliable lawyer and creditable. Search from the experience people or reliable source. Sometimes cheapest lawyer don’t have enough experience and just take a job. Make sure you know what you’re getting for the price. Some firms will only fill out the paperwork and make you drive all the way to the courthouse and file the paperwork yourself and won’t even come with you to court.

4. Learn about bankruptcy case at the court. Try to get information at a bankruptcy court. Observe and get knowledge from the court.

5. Seek the advice from other legal professional. You also can get advice from people that have experience to declare bankruptcy.

6.  Don’t hire an attorney that treats bankruptcy cases as a sideline to supplement his/her other areas of practice. Bankruptcy is complicated enough to consume all of a lawyer’s attention and devotion.


It is important to choose the best lawyer bankruptcy. Remember , bankruptcy ain’t good for your future and you need to do it properly. Don’t rush straight into hiring a bankruptcy attorney, or you might regret it within the end.

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  1. I agree that when dealing with bankruptcy you want a lawyer that specializes in this. It would seem smart to hire someone specialized because they would probably know what to do better. My sister in law is going through bankruptcy proceedings so she’ll have to find a specialized lawyer to help her out.

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