Tips to find the best deals when shopping online

Online shopping is a new way to shop now. There’s many benefit for us to use this online shopping as we don’t need to wait in long lines, find parking and many others wasting time by shopping traditional way.
However, online retailers has their tick. Just read this tips to find the best deals when shopping online


Abandon online shopping cart
– Go to website, find what you like and put it in your cart. You need to buy items in a ‘two-stage process’. Then, close the browser window and wait a day or two.
Leaving items in virtual cart shows stores you’re contemplating a purchase and this encourages stores to entice you with a deal.

Take advantage of Twitter
– Often, online sales will happen unannounced. Creating a separate Twitter handle specifically for following ‘savvy bloggers and dealhounds’. Watch and see when they tweet about certain brands.

Use online deals as leverage
– Instead of buying it from smartphone, ask to speak to the store manager. Increasingly, he or she will likely match that price, giving you an instant discount.

Don’t be fooled by free shipping
– Shipping deal is one of big thing. Shoppers were charged for shipping . There’s no free shipping, it doesn’t make the overall purchase a great deal – compare total costs with other sites before you click checkout.

Bookmark your favorite brands
– For all those brand loyalists out there: bookmarking the corporate sites of your favorite brands because that might be where to find the deals. Manufactures sometimes feature print-at-home coupons there to help drive traffic.

Be Aware of Your Location
– It could at a disadvantage if you live in an upscale area and do shopping from home. Business online use whatever information to charge appropriate price. You can use a VPN to spoof your IP address and avoid this issue. There’s an altenative to simply checking prices when you’re away fromhome to see if there’s any advantage.
It is whether that’s after hours at work, during some downtime on vacation or while taking a breather during a family visit.I if you primarily use Chrome, you might want to shop with Firefox, and make sure to always clear your cookies after shopping

Clear Your Browser
– Vendors are more likely to offer discounts to new customers as incentive to ‘close the deal’. You need to create a special ‘shopping’ profile in a browser to fool vendors into thinking you’re a new customer every time you visit their site.
If you feel lazy to create a special profile, you can just designate one browser that you use for shopping only.

Source :- MSN

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