Tips to save money during wedding ceremony

A wedding ceremony requires high capital. Due to the lack of emphasis on public expenditure caused the debt. It also will provide financial effect on the newly married couple. A lot of debt would disrupt the financial management of husband and wife.

Wedding Cost
Here are some guidelines provide savings before the wedding:

Tips to save money during wedding ceremony

1. Calculate the invitations sent. Make sure the invitation within your means. Better still, send the invitation as close relatives and fellow. After that if there is more budget may invite outsiders.
2. Create an invitation card itself. Are now almost all households own a computer. Create a simple invitation card for regular guests. If you want to create a rather beautiful, ordered in small quantities. In order to save another, only photocopies of the rest. Most of the invitation card is only used to see location only and will be removed. No need costly.
3. For the supply of food, it is best to talk to the experts. Typically, the calculation is done by multiplying by 3 (husband and wife and children). Make sure there is no wastage after the wedding ceremony. Most weddings in the supply of food waste.
4. Wedding ceremony held at the appropriate time. Better not to do in the school holidays because it would overlap with other councils. This will reduce the guests and a waste of food.

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5. Cook yourself or use the catering services? Try to check that any better. Using the catering is more convenient but may be higher prices. But sometimes cooking their own expense may be higher because of lack of knowledge in food preparation. If you want to use the catering services make sure they have experience. Get information from their previous customers.
6.  To rent tents, halls and other equipment, check and compare with other providers. You are lucky if you make a wedding ceremony day booking less because the price would be cheaper.
7. Service to take pictures, clothes are expensive. If you have relatives who have expertise in this field may request assistance. Perhaps the price could be reduced.
8. Always ready as early as possible because the inventory at the end would lead to increased spending.
9. You can also use an experienced wedding planners and can help you make the wedding better and cheaper.

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