Top 7 Reasons of Why Organizations Use Videos to Market Their Products and Services

When it comes to the communication process, there have been a few mediums that have been considered to be the best when it comes to online business videos. And there is no doubt that videos are the most shared content on twitter, and it has been proven to be engaging enough. Videos are the most powerful tool in the business context as it allows the organizations to market their products and services expressing their brand identity in a rich manner. Given below are the 10 major reasons as to why organizations use videos in order to market their products and services.

Videos help in the decision making process during all stages of customer service: Studies have shown that 96% of the individuals have found videos when having purchase conclusions online, providing a remarkable content for smaller business organizations taking advantages of presenting more than one video for their products and services. The studies have also shown that videos hold a great value for pushing brand recognition for pushing the brand recognition when it comes to buying activity as well as the post purchase involvement.

Videos help in driving more sales: Videos help to increase the conversion by 15%. People by your products and services as they get a complete picture on how things work and how they would lead to an advantage to you. By having videos directly placed on the product page your organizations could easily increase their production sales with 100%. The videos would show how a product would work allowing the customers to envision how they could use the products themselves.

Videos build rapport, trust and emotional connection with your marketing audience: Research studies have shown that when people experience a positive kind of an emotion they would here think in terms of us rather than I making them accept a deal from you acting as a evangelists of your company.

Videos help in standing ahead of your competitors: There is no doubt that videos is the most important part of your content marketing strategy and is considered to be essential only when you follow the following facts.

  1. 90% of the online consumers have reported that the business videos for your products and services would help them make a decision of buying the products and services from you.
  2. 65% of the executives who watch business related videos visit the business websites once they have completed watching the videos.
  3. 64% believe that individuals who visit a business website are likely to buy the products and services from you once they have watched the video.
  4. The real estate industry for example include a video that get 403% of more enquires than the ones who go buy the products and services without watching the video.

Gives your customers a personalized view: Through videos you could guide your visitors through the different sections of your website, giving you an experience you would have had by visiting an actual store. Videos have a face put on merchant making users feel more comfortable doing a business for them. Most of the business websites these days are offering a personalized view that is catered to the needs and requirements of the individuals and the past purchases.

The social media effect: Since the social networking sites like Face book and twitter allow the users to share the links that have lead them to a great interest, having your own videos being posted on various websites would easily help you drastically increase the chances of your exposure. People are more likely to share an interesting video that they usually come across through an article.

Demonstrates your products and services: Sometimes the products and services of your organization would here require a detailed explanation, than a written description for your products and services. You could have your business videos uploaded on Vimeo, YouTube, and social media platforms to gain exposure as much as possible. Do make sure that you have clear title tags and description for your business videos so that the viewers could find them at a great ease. Once you have things done in a right manner you would here be on the way of gaining better engagement, click through rates and conversion rates.

To conclude video marketing is highly beneficial for improving your brand recognition and customer retention. Online businesses who have still not jumped into video bandwagon should look at it as a serious option improving the quality and sales of their websites.

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Ashly J is a freelancer with more than 5 years of experience in video collaboration software. Her passion as a freelancer is to help all the business organization in each and every aspect of enterprise video sharing platform, video platform for business, Share videos to collaborate for business and many more. She has been writing for many other blogs as a guest blogger.

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