Top Personal Finance Website You Need To Read Regularly

Hello, do you read personal finance website regularly? As a blogger, it is important to read about finance daily. It could improve our financial management in the future. Nowaday, internet has many personal finance website to follow. In this entry, I’ll give recommendation for top personal finance website you need to read regularly
1. Yahoo Finance
– A website by popular portal website I like to read Yahoo Finance because it is well written by financial expertise. It also divided by sub topic that related to personal finance. Their topics Financially Fit also have many video to guide for your finance to become better and better. One of my favorite topic is ‘Ask Farnoosh’. The topic written from financial expert, Farnoosh. People will ask Farnoosh and she will answer it.

2. Investopedia
– The encylopedia website has sub topic of personal finance. Mostly the article are written by known writer and have good experience in the financial industry. The article also easy to understand but maybe it is too many article that only related to United States citizen.
– One of local financial website. In this website we can learn about finance news, education and counseling. There’s also some financial article that could help to improve our financial.
4. MSN Personal Finance
– A website by MSN. Compare to Yahoo Finance website, it is more focuss on personal finance topic. It also have their sub topic to make easy for us to get information.
5. Bloomberg Personal Finance
– It is more on finance news. It will show the latest finance news around the world.
6. Last but not least is . Okay, maybe this website is not expert but I’ll share what important for you. The article will summarize about what I’ve found at the finane website.

That’s all. Do you have any personal finance website to share? Let’s share at the comment below.

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