Twelve Couple get married to save costs

KUANTAN: Twelve couples, aged between 20 to 27, tied the knot in a group wedding event at Masjid Lapang Besarto to cut costs and to avoid spending lavishly on ceremonies.

The ceremony was held in conjunction with the state level “Cinta Rasul” programme organised by the mosque and State Youth Council.


The solemnising of the couples, according to the teachings of Islam, was conducted by the mosque’s imam Ustaz Jamaludin Salleh.

Jamaludin said Islamic teachings taught its believers not to be elaborate or spend excessively on wedding ceremonies as this would reduce the burden of the couples.

He said there were cases of the couples, who were in love, but chose to live together instead of getting married due to their financial situation.

“The programme of having the joint ‘akad nikah‘ would make it easier for the couples and their parents to have the ceremony done, accordingly.

“Islamic teachings encourages its followers to spend their money wisely.

“This programme can help those from the low-and-medium-income groups to get married easily as holding a wedding ceremony is costly and at the same time, we can solve many social ills among the youths through such events,” he said.

More than 500 guests including family members of the couples attended the event which began at 9pm.

The event was witnessed by State Islamic Religious Dakwah and Special Functions Committee chairman Datuk Syed Ibrahim Syed Ahmad.

Groom Kamaruzaman Yusof, 24 and bride Rahimah Razali, 23, said the programme had helped them start their married life together.

“When we got to know about the programme, we instantly agreed to it as we did not want to spend so much money on the wedding as we would rather invest our savings for our future,” Kamaruzaman said.
– TheStar

Why I share this article? It is because I’m agree that it could cut cost. Why bother to do individual ceremony if we could share the cost using this method. If for individual ceremony it could cost around RM15K(minimum) for catering, hall fee and others bill but using this we could cut cost more than half.
It also bring more happines because there’s many invitation rather than individual ceremony. For those muslim, we know that wasteful is a sin but we still do it. Hopefully this trend could be continue not just for wedding but also other’s ceremony. Why can’t we share if it is good for our money? We need to answer that.

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