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Hi. Today entry, I just wrote about my personal life but still related to financial issue. Maybe it is not global issue, more on personal financial life.  Most of us have transportation and maybe half of us using it to go work. For some countries, they used public transportation such as train or busses. Using public transportation could save cost. Other than that, car pool also could cut our transportation cost. Sadly, it couldn’t happen to me. In my hometown, there’s no good public transportation like you. The buses schedule is good but the condition worst while there’s no train to go my office.

Every day, I ‘m driving my car go to office.  It took about 20 minutes from 25 km journey. Luckily, I’ve alternative way to avoid traffic jam. As we know, traffic jam will waste petrol by using low gear and drive-stop situation. Not just petrol, our time also can be waste and make our temperature increase.  Driving a car to office will make my money lose. It make worst after there’s damaged and problem occur in the same time. It could make our head explode because the money will be used to repair it. To make matter worst, government declare that the petrol price will increase.

I just choose another alternative to decrease work expenses. One way is to ride a motorcycle to office. I don’t buy a new bike but a 2nd hand item. The motorcycle also not a big or powerful motorcycle only a cup motorcycle (maybe some of you don’t know the cup motorcycle). It cost me $1,500(in my country currency).  Can I’m saving more using motorcycle instead of driving a car? Exactly yes. Why? This is the reason

photo upload

This picture just for fun only. I’m not buy this motorcycle

  • The petrol usage is cheaper than driving a car. I’ve ride a week and it cost me around $10 while a car need at least $50 per week.
  • I can park the motorcycle at cheaper parking which is cost me around $1 any hour while car at least $1 per hour (at certain place).
  • I can save when at the traffic jam. It could save much time and it also means saving petrol usage.
  • I ‘m not have long distance journey in this time so it is better using motorcycle than car.
  • I can go to my farm easily and it could prevent my car from broke or scratch.

Yes. It is good reason to ride motorcycle but I’ve a resistance. This month, maybe a raining will come down. I need to buy a raincoat that could add more cost. Overall, the motorcycle usage gives me more benefit to my financial.

That’s my entire story for today. Maybe you have any story so let’s share with me..


If you wish to plan your financial future, you must learn how to save money
It is more than half of year now. Maybe our budget is needed to change.

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