Ways to Protect Yourself Against CyberCrime

What cybercrime related to finance? Maybe some of you can’t find the relationship between this two term. Now, in modern day many crime using the technology. The bad thing is it can effect your financial. So, before you get caught by this cyberattack, lets read 6 ways to protect yourself against cybercrime.

Cyber Crime

6 Ways to Protect Yourself Against CyberCrime

1. You need to ensure your password is really strong. Passwords must be at least 8 characters combine a numbers, letters and symbols. The password also not be words related to you. It can prevent hacker to steal your valuable data from internet or computer.
2. Keep your password safe. Never ever give your password to other even he/she is your boyfriend or husband/wife. There’s numerous report the well known person is crime of the cyber case. Don’t give your ATM card to unknown person if you don’t know how to use it. Ask help from the authorized person from the bank.
3. Avoid using internet for valuable or sensitive data. Or make sure your computer protected with antivirus or firewall to prevent from cyber attack.
4. Copy the data in other location. You need to keeping the files in two location and give it to a trusted family member.
5. Avoid website that have greater risk of being victim. Going to hacker sites, adult content may give you more risk to get cyber attack.
6. Don’t trust pop up or email that ask to enter your username or password. Now the cyber crime trends is by sending email that ask you to login your bank account through their fake site. If you follow the instruction, they will get your information and maybe money too. Nowaday, there’s a scam that using statement from email that they are representative from bank. Never trust this email as bank only contact you by mail or at the counter.

Okay, that’s some ways to protect yourself against cyber crime. It is important for you to get advice from cyber crime expertise to ensure your data and valuable thing is safe. If you have any opinion,let’s write at comment below. It can help us to prevent our money from this cybercrime.

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