What could buy with RM1.50 ?

Okay, the title is unique as it is my true experience today. I just have RM1.50 in my pocket and in hungry condition. I can go to ATM and withdraw money but I tried to survive with the money for lunch hour.

There’s not enough to buy lunch with that amount. Only a small bread without any drinking water. It shows how the inflation make our money is small. Last 15 years, when I’m studies at university I’ve got almost the same experience.

What could buy with RM1.50

This is my opinion :-

1) Nasi lemak. Some of nasi lemak still cost RM1.00 but mostly increased .
2) Roti canai. The cost of roti canai is about RM1.++
3) Bread. There’s also a bread that cost below RM1.50

I can’t think any meal that cost below Rm1.50. If you have any idea let’s share with me.

I’m also thinking how the poor people survive? They don’t have money to buy lunch. It reminds me how grateful I am. Eventhough, I’m not rich but still can buy some food even with bread that cost RM1.50.
So, I must improve my financial next month as my finance is in critical condition this month. I’ve to withdraw my paypal money which is used for online to survive this month. I’m also need to have much money for the future as I will have babies next year.

Okay, that’s all for today. Do you have any idea what could buy with RM1.50 ?

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