What I learn from book ‘ The Money Secret’ by Rob Parsons

I just finished reading a book from Rob Parsons entitled ‘ The Money Secret’. Honestly, I don’t know about the author before but this book catch my eyes in the book sale near my office. As the price is absolutely cheaper so I grab the book without hesitation.

I took about a week to finish the book. I’m not a bookworm and the book written in English as I’m not really good in English but I think I’m understand about 70% of the content. This book is great as it is written as a real life story and not just theory that could make my brain explode.. Hehehe. Just joking.

The story of this book focus on 2 main character; Amy and Lydia. Amy, a young woman who own much debt and get depressed while Lydia, is an old woman that want to help Amy escape from the debt problem. There’s many good thing I’ve learnt from this book such as :-

1. In this story, Lydia show Amy how she lose money without knowing where it’s goes. I think it’s same like most of our debt problem. We always waste our money because of bad habit in spending or pay service that we don’t use it.
2. Lydia also guide Amy how to fight the bad habit of spending.The method is easy but most of us not paid attention about this. Lydia also give some advice to Amy on how to save money while shopping.
3. Have you ever heard about ‘Retail Therapy’ ? In this book there’s story about Retail Therapy that not really therapy.
4. Lydia method of priority bills ‘ Pay T.H.E.M F.I.R.S.T’. The letters all stand for one of the priority bills. I won’t explain it at this article as it need many words to describe the acronym.
5. The best part of this book I like is Lydia explain how ‘bank’ get profit from us. We think that bank help us but in reality it is not.. The book will explained the bank system that could make us depend and giving money to them.
6. This book also features some form for us to follow

There’s many more money secret we could get by reading this book. Maybe I can’t share all the best in the book but if you want to get the book try buy it at Amazon.com at picture below.

If you have reading this book, could you share what you get from this book? Maybe it will help us.

I'm not a book lover but sometimes reading a book could help us to learn
Another Friday night and it's good to read a motivational quote from the great people.

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