What I need to ready for May 2017

Okay, it is my personal article today. I want to share with you my beloved reader what I need to do for May 2017. Maybe you can give some opinion whether my decision is right or not. It will help me to develop my financial skills in the future and you also can gain some knowledge too.

On April , I’m buying a new wallet AGAIN.  My last wallet is not old and it is only 1 ½ years old but it gives me some problem as there’s no place to put my card. I just bought another wallet at night market which cost me RM22.00. I know that you can get it cheaper at your night market but that’s I can get after do some bargain. Don’t ask about the quality as it is not crocodile leather and made by PVC. I hope it can last at least 3 years onward for my money and card place. As I know the expensive wallet I’ve bought is around RM150 for my wedding. Other than that, my wallet cost not more than RM50.

On April, I’ve change my Maxis broadband plan. Before this, I’ve used Maxis 3G that being used about 3 years ago. OOo.. this is the office usage but use my name. After thinking again, I think it is better for me to upgrade as in my budget I still could afford it. The new Maxis Pocket Wifi using 4G LTE and it is faster than my Digi for phone. Hopefully it could last as it is important for me to have fast internet access. It ain’t easy to setup the Maxis broadband but I’ve manage it after 2 days. I hope Maxis will give good service and don’t make me mad about their service. Hopefully it have coverage in my new house.

Other than that there’s no new appliance that I’ve bought.  Ooo, I just cut budget around RM200 after my wife car do some major services. It is okay but that means my motorcycle needs to wait.

May 2017 is also big challenge for me. I need to save some for my blog domain and hosting. It cost around RM170 that I need to reserve in June 2016. I’m also need to ready for my car road tax which is cost around RM500. I want to buy a new running shoe but it need to wait. ( If you can buy me this shoe) even though I get a voucher to buy Brooks running shoe.

One of my target in 2017 is to finish my car loan. It look good as I could finish it before December 2017.I’m also want to increase my emergency fund as I need to have 6 months saving. This is the best target and I need to achieve in. Currently, it only have around half of my salary. I need to increase and do some fixed deposited investment. I’m also look other’s investment such as stock to increase my money.

I want to look about startup investment but that’s a big risk. I know that but sometimes we need to gamble in investment. The important part is investment on how you can throw away only. Don’t overdo it or you will failed.

I’m also want to challenge myself to increased yourfinancialblog reader. If possible I want to have 30 readers per day and monthly more than 1,000 visitor. I’m not target to much such as 100 visitor per day as I know it can’t be done in short term. I’ve do some facebook ads to increase visitor but still not working but it doesn’t mean I’ve given up on it. It need passion and encouragement. I wish that you always support me and I’ll let GOD give back to you. Thanks.


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