What I want to do with my bonus

It is a great news for me as my workplace will give bonus one month as an incentive. It means a lot to me even though the amount is an half of our chairman bonus.
Back to the bonus. I will received the bonus in January. For those worker who have son that will go to school, it is a good news as they want to prepare some money for their children.
As my son is only 7 months old, so it is not related for me to use the bonus. Eventhough my son still young but my priorities is still for him. So, I don’t think my bonus will be spend for my entertainment like last year bonus.
For this bonus I will spend for my children insurance and try to settle my PTPTN loan. My PTPTN balance is not high, only RM1,200 to finish but I still can’t pay lump sump. Hopefully using bonus I could reduce half of it and I could settle the balance at half quarter of 2016.

I think my bonus won’t have balance. Why I spend for my children insurance? As the medical expenses is high (read my previous entry RM30K for checkup ) I don’t think I’ve enough money to spend for my child medical expenses in the future.

Yes, i’m working as government servant and get some hospital benefits but I think my children need to have better treatment if something happen. I’m not say that government hospital is not good but I want to give better condition as private hospital is more convenient.

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Maybe some of you think my decision as wrong as bonus could be use for own used but my opinion is different. I don’t think for my own purpose now. My life is not longer and I think it is better for next generation.
Hopefully there’s no big problem to occur this month ( last 2 year my car problem when I got a bonus). How about you? Do you have any plan to spend your bonus?

Other than that, today i’ve meet a people who own a small developer company. Wish him to become wealth in the future. And I’ve also discuss about my project to him. He is interested but it is still early to said that I could collaborate with him. Just wait and see.

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