What is Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS)

What is Central Credit Reference Information System

This week, the term of CCRIS being popular as PTPTN loan holders now listed in CCRIS. But do you really know about CCRIS? The CCRIS is acronym of Central Credit Reference Information System. The information reported to the Credit Bureau is housed in a computerised database system. At present (2013), the database system contains credit information on about 9 million borrowers in Malaysia.
Central Credit Reference Information System
The Central Credit Reference Information System automatically processes the credit data received from the financial institutions and synthesises the information into credit reports, which can be made available to the financial institutions upon request. (Credit Bureau Bank Negara Malaysia.

Individual bank’s systems are typically already tightly integrated to the CCRIS system and automatically extract an individual’s/entity’s credit report during the credit approval process. Every participating financial institutions is required to submit their customer’s credit conduct to this centralised system.

Information Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS) contain

1. Outstanding loans
2. Special Attention Accounts
3. Loan or credit facility applications made in the past 1 year

How long the CCRIS records kept
CCRIS shows repayment records of the last 12 months only after which the oldest data is expunged.

( Loanstreet.com.my)
Who Could Request for the Credit Report
– Financial Institutions upon any credit facility application
– Any individual for his own credit report
– Any company for its own credit report

Steps to obtain CCRIS report

1. Go to CCRIS kiosk at Bank Negara
2. Use your MyKad for fingerprint verification
3. Print the report

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