What PlaceDo You Want to Retire

It is great to retire but you need to prepare it. Not just money but also the place that really suitable for your requirement and affordability. I just read 8 great places to retire abroad at Yahoo Finance and one place that the article mention is GeorgeTown in Penang. Yes, it is a beautiful place for people to retire but my place is different.

I will choose my hometown village. I will choose the location that near the green nature place such as farm. I like to look at the plant such as vegetable or fruit tree. It give me motivation and idea to live happily. Choosing a place to retire is up to you but you still need to consider aspect such as :

  • Can you afford to live at the place. Maybe you love to retire at an ocean but how much the living cost on that area. It ain’t cheaper especially if those place is tourist attraction. There’s much money needed to survive in your last life. It is not about what you need but what you can.
  • The faciliy in the place. Maybe you like to live at the nature place and far from the busy place. But is the place has a basic facility such as water utility, road, electricity, etc. If not, can you survive without those thing especially when you become older and weaker.
  • Maybe some of you love to retire in the busy place such as town. But it is good for your health? Can your health adopt in the pollution at the town?
  • Living alone. Retirement age is a relaxing time before we just go away from our life. Some of us want to live alone in the place. Do you think you can survive alone at the place? Is there any help if you having trouble?
  • Some of parent retire with his son/daughter and play with their grandchild. Some of them work and some of them not. In this era, people are busy and sometimes your son/daughter is busy doing their work. There’s stories that retirement people need to take care their grandchild like a maid. It could make worst if your metabolism is not strong enough in the retirement age.
  • Retire in old house folks. There’s a old house folks make by government or private. Maybe you can get a friends or takecare by the people in the old house folks .
  • Retire in big house. Maybe you are millionaire and can buy a big house with many rooms and maids. So, why worried about the place. But you still need to look whether it is fun or not. In last life you need the fun.

Okay, that’s all my point about what place to retire. How about you? Do you have any suggestion to retire

Are you ready for retirement? You need to plan as soon as possible. JP Morgan
Most people would think about retirement once they approach the latter years of their life.

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