What to do a day before pay day

Tomorrow is pay day for me and my office mate. Pay day is a day in a month that all employee wait. After a couple of week waiting, the time is come and most of us will checking at the bank and planning after received the salary. There’s many article wrote about what to do after you get the salary but seldom blogger write about a day before pay day. So, I’ll write about what you must do a day before pay day :-

1. Check your balance. Look at your wallet. How much you have today. Is it enough or not? If not, you must survive some of the expenses. Don’t make a loan even from your parent for a day expenses. It is not worthy. I’m checking my balance now and I’ve RM30.00. Enough for tomorrow expenses.
2. Check your vehicle petrol amount. Make sure it is not in critical mode. If yes, you must know how long you could run. If not enough even to go office, then it is better you take Emergency Leave. Hehehehe
3. Write monthly budget. Okay, I’m not recommend you to plan a day before pay day. You must complete writing about monthly budget at least 2 weeks before. The budget must include :-
a. Expenses
Plan on the important expenses. Ask this question
: Are your road tax and vehicle insurance expire this month ?
: On this month, are your children need more money for school fee, exam fee, etc
: Do you plan on vacation this month?
b. Debt
Ask this questin
: Are your debt increase this month?
: Do you adding new debt this month?
Calculate your debt and compare with last month. If you not list the budget previous month, keep the amount and compare to next month.
c. Income
: Keep the previous payslips. It is important because you can compare with latest pay slip. You also can compare with the amount you received. It is important because sometimes the account department can make a mistake.
4. Expect the unexpected. Maybe the pay day schedule is tomorrow but who’s know maybe there’s a problem occur. Maybe your company has financial problem or maybe your accountant getting problem to transfer the salary. Prepare the emergency fund.

Okay, that’s all. Do you have any idea or suggestion to do a day before pay day? Let’s share with me.

It is more than half of year now. Maybe our budget is needed to change.
Investing for the future, for many people, seems like a virtual impossibility. Many individuals entering

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