What to do if you being fired

Being fired from work is not surprising if you were ready for them. It can be seen through the information that matters will be conducted soon.Usually there are signs that can be viewed by employees that the retrenchment will be made. As an employee, you can see something wrong in your workplace, for example, there is less work because of the declining demand for their products.
If the benefit is small or is in danger you can see by examining sales figures, costs and profits. Cost-cutting measures also showed a troubled company like full funding for staff travel. Cutting costs may also include reduction of work force. –

 Dealing with job loss

When you lose your job, you need to learn how to deal with two levels – emotional and financial. In this entry, I’ll focus more on how to dealing with financial.Here is some tips that may be used as a guide:

1. Expressed to friends and acquaintances that you are willing to work. If you decide to start your own business with compensation money, start by getting as many contacts. Do not involve yourself with any large financial commitment. This is not the time for you to buy a house or new car. If you already have a responsibility to your home or apartment ready for the next 12 months, try to reduce the costs for renovations and furniture. Hire purchase means trapped in debt and you should try to avoid the debt that you are not able to make in the future.

2. Start with a budget in order to survive the retrenchment benefits as long as possible. Accept any job being offered. This is not the time for you to choose the work. Who knows when another job offer will come . If you are single with no dependents, you may be able to take the opportunity to continue education in professional or business qualifications to the job market recovers. Make sure your investments are in liquid as you may have to use when in distress. However, if you start your own small business, make sure you know what you are doing. If you have savings in fixed deposits, you should consider breaking it into smaller fixed deposits to help you when you need money immediately. This is because although you may remove your fixed deposit at any time before the maturity date you will be paid only half the rate of interest. Fixed deposits are removed before the third month, however, will not receive any interest rate.

3. Relax and keep calm. Don’t make any dumb decision. Go to agency that could help you to find new job. Avoid making any loans and spend carefully. Make a thigh budget and get source to find money.

4. Do some freelance based on your skills. There’s many freelance job especially via internet. You can visit Freelance.com to get some freelance jobs. You also can do some work online. One way to make money from online is such as blogging, affiliate or dropship. This kind of make money don’t need much money to invest.

That’s some guidelines you can still do even you’re being fired. Don’t worry, there’s many opportunities for you to survive.

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