What will you do with cent coin ?

Have you wasted your cent coin? You think the coin has no value for your daily spending? Your wife found the coin in your pocket while want to wash your clothes and give you the couple of money.
I think most husband have the same experience like me.We don’t really pay attention of coin and just put on the pockey while the paper money put on the wallet. It is not a good practice as we just waste the cent of money.

Cent also has a value and it become big if collect in many amount. Look at the below picture.

This is my coin about a week. My wife bring it to me and after calculate it, about RM10 in value. Do you think it has no value? With the value it could buy me a lunch or the petrol for a day mileage. Isn’t it important to collect this coin?
In my point, the coin will be used to buy full week newspaper. Isn’t it worthy? Maybe the shop counter will remember me a I’ve give them a bunch of coins for them to calculate. Have you remembered some of cases that using coin to pay their summon? Maybe I could collect the cent for settle summon? Am I right?
Back to the topic, what will you do with cent coin ?

1) Save it and make a collection. Waiting for future to sell for collector for profit?

| Coin that worth of $1.15 million |

2) Just donate the cent to charity. Or just giving to beggar in the street.

3) Save at your bank account. Most bankers accept the coins  eventhough for big amount.
4) Buy some cheaper goods using coin.
5) Change to shopkeeper. Some of people in shop needed the coin for changing balance.
6) Ignore it…



So, how about you? May you share some opinion about it.


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