Where is your financial level?

There are four levels of finance for anyone. To succeed financially, we need to know where the financial situation we are now. Just as in achieving whatever goals we need to know where we stand now to achieve that goal. In other words, to get to point B, we need to know point A.
Where is your financial level, whether it was safe or unsafe level? Of course everyone dreams to achieve financial independent state or, more than that!

Here are four levels of financial. Where is your financial level?


# 1: Financial insecurity (Finacially not secure)

This situation is as if you do not have any savings. In other words, if there are no savings, you can only earn a living and your family for a month only. If you lose your job tomorrow, you can live a month without changing your lifestyle with the savings available.

This level is not safe for anyone. Can be thought of as a hand early in the morning … passionate evening meal evening meals. This modern era, such a passionate months ni, ni ate month … hand next month, to eat next month

The problem is, many of us is in these unsafe conditions. Imagine if your place of work will have to give you tomorrow. You have enough savings to make ends meet you and your family for a month? If not, then, should ring a warning siren that your financial level are not safe!

# 2: Financial Safety (Financially secure)

This is a better choice. Means, for example, if you stop working (or stopped) you have savings to support your life and your family for 6 months. If you are in this level, congratulations! because not many people are here.

Six months is a logical period of time for someone to get another job or starting a business to continue earning his living. Your main goal if you are on level # 1 is to achieve this level … enrich your savings to support six months of your life and family-without having to work!

How do I achieve this? In practice the habit of saving at least 10% of your income. If you feel that it is difficult for you to keep 10% of your savings, it does not matter. Start with 2%. Of course, you can save 2% of your income is not it?

Starting at only 2%, you will plant habit of saving, and feel that it is easy to save 2%. When comfortable with the 2% to 4% savings add up to feel comfortable, and then 6%, 8% to 10%.

# 3: Financially Free

This is the goal for many of us. However, the access is very small. Which means if you are on this level is, you are free to choose to work or not! You have savings or income stream automatically enough to make ends meet you and your family get any! This level, you do not have to work again (or business). however, many are in this stage, still pursue a career or business that has fun doing it. Not because you must, but willingly …

Tips to achieve this condition is thought multiple income stream automatically, for example, such as renting a house, build a business that operated automatically (Internet business) or build a business operated by others (probably the manager).

# 4: Ultra Rich

This level only a little person can achieve. They are the type that has a lot of money so do not apply to money held. They can be hundreds of thousands of dollars or donations of millions to charities.

They often have a large-scale businesses run by thousands of workers. Often the money owned is excessive and not spend until the end of life, however, this did not make them stop doing the work and do business because, often, for those who are in financial condition, the works they love their work-and non-money!

Where is your financial level and where the direction of your financial goals? Think-think where the level and improve in order to achieve their best!

When you are trying to save money, dining out is often last on your list.

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