Why bank reject your house loan

Making a bank loan for some particular individuals is something easy, but for some people to make loans to banks is a matter of life-long offensive. It need to provide many documents, but the loan is still not approved … Why bank reject your house loan?
First of all, I would like to ask you … Do you know  bank institutions are not from the real estate industry? They are “alien” here, but in the same time we really need them. Why?

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I can say all bank institutions just want to make a profit with you! It is part and parcel of life, it is very difficult for us to make savings, as long as there is money .. there is always something else to use. So get to the old no we will not have a home. With the bank as a source … perhaps it is time to realize the dream of owning a dream property.

The reason often received from the bank is as follows: –

Why bank reject your house loan

1. The applicant is not qualified
2. The applicant’s have a high liabilities
3. The business of the applicant is not in good condition.
4. Bank statement is not enough transaction
5. Applicants do not pay taxes

And there’s  many more reasons for bank to reject your house loan

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If the bank gave the reason “you have a high commitment”, you actually have a chance, because I find that some branches have a certain quota. Managers there have a maximum loan to approve the loan before they submit their application to the headquarters for permission. Nevertheless do not you remember, if the 2-3 banks have “reject” your application, it means that your commitment is high. But if you fail the first time, does not mean you can not finance your home, find another bank.

Don’t worry … but check back on bankers – Why are turned down? is no other way for me to get my home loan? Perhaps the officer could give some suggestions to you.

Whatever do, never give up, try to ask the sellers may he can help in your search is. Habits of those involved in property will give you the phone number of the bank officer can reliably and quickly in the workplace.

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