Why Car Price Down is not really good

This week, there a rumor about car prices down. Many speculation has been made whether the rumor is true or not. Honestly, I don’t really pay attention about this news as it is not good for our financial.

Why I said that? It is because more opportunity to buy car means, more debt will be made and it will bring more headache to us. I’m not really think the decrease of car price will affect people. Maybe it will bring smile to first buyer but it ain’t good for our money.
Maybe you think, the cheap prices could make more opportunity to buy imported car but it will affect many people such as :-


Used car company

– As new car price is down, the used car price also affect. The decrease in price means most of their car also down. I think many used car company will closed their business as they can get enough profit.


People who want to sell their car

– As the new car prices down, it will affect people that want to sell their car. Not just the car price will low but most people don’t want to buy second hand car as they can afford first car.


People who don’t know to manage their money

– Okay, some of people don’t know how to handle their money. They just follow their friends. Change the car without even think that he/she can’t afford to buy new car. I think this type of people could make their finance worse.



– I’ve a dream to buy a new car but I know that I can’t afford it as the current car has 5 years debt. If I buy new car, I just make new debt and it is not good as I’ve planned to married this year. So, I’ve another priority than buying a new car even the price will down.

That’s all my opinion why car price down is not really good. I know maybe some of you disagree with my statement.

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