Why Financial Blogger Can’t Success

Why Financial Blogger can’t success in blogging industry? I got many question about this. That’s a common question when they know I’ve written financial blog. I just give some answer like this :-

Financial Blogger

1. Competition. There’s a big competition in ‘finance’ niche. You must know when there’s many competition the best will win and the worst will lose. This blog is neither the best nor the worst so I must try my luck. Can I survive with this blog? Only God knows the future.

2. Insufficient funds for the blog. Maybe some of financial blogger using the free blog platform such as blogger.com, wordpress.com,tumblr.com but it is still need a money. For those using paid domain, there’s a money to be used to pay domain fee, hosting fee and other’s utilities such as electric bill, telephone bill. If you don’t have money it will make the process hard.
3. Not do  marketing. It is important to do marketing for your blog. The blog could become your shop. You need to promote it online or offline. You must make it seriously if you want your finance blog become  popular and get huge amount of visitor.
4. Inconsistency. Some of the financial blogger give up after some period. It ain’t easy to write about financial matters consistently. I’ve a problem like this before. Trying to write an entry almost a day is very hard work but you need to know where to get idea. If you have capital, hire a writer, get a guest blogger, buy article or copy paste article( you must know the trick to copy paste article),
5. Afraid to make mistake. Many newbie afraid to write financial blog. They don’t have any confidence. Some of it afraid their content will be laugh by readers. I’m make many mistake (especially grammar) while writing this blog. For me, it just a learning process. You must try if you want to success but you won’t near success if you don’t do anything.
6. Not setting a target. Many financial blogger abandon their blog because they don’t set targets when writing blog. Just write for fun and no work to do. I’m set this target to become financial source article for me and some of the readers without financial education and basic English skills. If you read financial article at website such as Bloomberg.com you will found it is too technical with many financial terms. It will explode your brain especially for those people like me. So, I just sharing the article that I’ve understand.
I’ve also set target to earning money from this blog consistently in 2 years after the blog launched. Now, I’ve earn money from this blog but still not consistently per month so I must work harder to ensure the target will be achieve.

Okay, that’s all for today. Anybody have idea to answer the question? Give me some idea at the comment form below.

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