Why giving ‘duit Raya’ to Kids not a good idea

Only a couple of days before Muslim celebrate Eidulfitri. One of most festive that being waited especially for kids. One reason the kids love ‘Hari Raya’ because they can collect money form their parent, sibling and others. The money term called ‘Duit Raya’ has become tradition in Malaysia and sometimes it means more money will be given during Hari Raya.
In this festive, older will headache especially if they have many kids. They need to have budget for this expenses. For me, I don’t budget much for ‘duit raya’ as the siblings is older and I only have a niece.
Let’s begin with the topic. Do you think giving ‘duit raya’ to kids nowaday is a good idea? In my opinion, it is not good idea in this modern time. Why? This is my point :-

1) Nowaday, kids has been lazy. They don’t learn how to get money. Not like my time, I need to visit almost 50 house just to collect RM20.00-50.00. We just get RM0.20 or RM0.50 from the owner but we’re happy as we walking more than 5 km a day. Not just getting money, we could known the villagers that we don’t know before. Today kids is different, they don’t like to visit neighbour. Just wait for their uncle to give them. Sometimes, rudely accept the money.
2) They don’t have manners. Some of them open the envelope after getting and show their frustrated after getting small amount. Some of them just want money and don’t want to eat. It is rude to house owner.
3) They don’t appreciate the money they get. They only care about how much they get and not the value of Hari Raya.

That’s some of my point. Why this happen? It is because we just follow the tradition and not change it. It is better if parent give money if their children do something. For example, their children complete fasting a month or helping them to sell Lemang. That’s more valuable than just giving money because Hari Raya. For those parent, don’t steal your children money. Take their money and put it into their saving account.

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