Why I don’t want to be like my boss

Hello there. Do you work at office? If yes, then you must work under a boss (I believe you won’t read this blog if you’re a boss).  Maybe your boss is the owner of company or maybe your boss is a person that being gives a responsibility to manage staff at your workplace. Become a boss look great, isn’t it?  You can scold lower staff and they will afraid to angry with you. We just said ‘YES’ when see that old man/woman. Even though you are not as good as the worker but you have the power. You can use it to blame others even it is your fault.. Am I right?


I’m also having dream to become a boss but not like my current boss. Why? Maybe some of you have the question in your mind. I don’t want to be like my boss because he is not the top level management. He still have others boss that will scold him anytime. That’s not good for health. He is 50 years old and must do big responsibility. Need to look for lower staff while prepare report for his big boss.

The salary he gets is not worthy. In his age with qualification (he got master degree), he suppose to earn more than his current salary. Being paid RM7,+++ and get the pressure everyday. Is it a life that I need in my 50s ? Not exactly. In that time, I want to relax and do more charity, become a religion man. Why chase money if you can’t happy. That’s exactly the reason why I don’t want be like my boss.


I want my old age using to  contribute in society. But, it can’t be achieved if I’m just dreaming. To make my dream become true, I need to have adequate asset, income at that retirement age. Without that, I’ll become like my boss and make it worst, I still become a lower worker.


The boss that I want to be is a boss that are owning a company. Not a big company but still suitable for me. I don’t need to do hard work but it will be done to my workers. That’s I want to be. And all the pressure will be going to my management and administration while I just collect my money. Hahaha.

The first step, I make is built this blog. Hopefully it could become one of my best asset and could generate income for my future. If you want to know whether I’m success or not, just follow this blog until the end..


Before, I’m ending this post, I want to ask you the question ‘ Do you want to be like your boss ?’. If you have time, just share your thought at the comment below.





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