Why I want to retire at 45

Today, I just discuss with my old friends on my planning to retire early from government agency. He ask me the reason why I make the decision. Before I continue the reason, I’ve work at the state government agency about 13 years old, 3 years as a contract staff and 10 years as a permanent staff. There’s many benefit I get by working at the agency and it is same like others government agency.

I’ve plan to retire 45 years old which is 11 years early from the written retire age (56 years old) but I think 56 is too old for me to work at the same workplace. I’ve written about what I’ll do if I want to retire in 40 but realistic it can’t happen. And I could loss more benefit if I retire in 40.  I’m target to retire in 45 years old and assume that I could get the pensioner benefit after my age reached 56 years old. It is different if I’ve retire in 40 which means I couldn’t get pensioner benefit such as annual leave exchange that is cash award when I’m pension. I’m also target that I could get move up my grade in this 6 year onward. It means my last salary could be higher than my current grade. That’s why I’ve choose 45 years rather than 40 but it could be change if something drastic happen such as yourfinancialblog suddenly become popular and it earns me money more than 3 times my current salary. Maybe I could resign early.


Okay, back to reality, why I want to retire early? Isn’t it a loss for steady salary? Yes, I’m totally know about it. If I retire early, I could have any steady income at least for 11 years (if I’m retire in 45). But I’ve reason to retire early. The reason is :-

  1. I’ve work at the same organization more than 13 years. Maybe some of them has changed but mostly still the same. Sometimes I feel bored to watch them. Sometimes, there’s argument that become negative for us. Don’t you feel bored to work at the same stage for a decade? I think I’ve bored before but I still can’t get out from this place. So, this year will become my starter to build my own career in the next place.
  2. I can’t focus anymore. Working with people that don’t have talent is bored. My officemate is hard worker but they don’t have initiative to build something new. They don’t like to learn new thing. As a computer people, I’ve to do some messy thing like Microsoft Excell and other. I want to learn about programming but they always ask me to do the thing that I don’t like. The latest one is they ask me to do montage which is not my field. How can I work without focus and target?
  3. I need to become better person. I want to build a computer system that could become my masterpiece in the future. I’ve plan to build landlord system but still can’t do it as I don’t have time to learn about coding. If I don’t go outside, I don’t know how to do it.
  4. I want to have freedom in life. Work at office and you need to prepare to do something outside of computer. Arrange to design banner, put banner, do some slideshow presentation. It is not freedom. Sometimes, I need to come office to work. Mostly, my work is 2% but need to accompany my officemate which has more percent. Other than that, I can’t express my feel as working in government need to follow the rules. So, I’ve guidelines to write my blog. I’m also want to have flexible working hours as nowadays I’m work on 8-5 and my time driving is 20 minutes each.
  5. I can’t go further. I don’t know if I could get better grade after this. Maybe need to wait another 10 years? I don’t know. My salary is increase but the spending also increase.
  6. I want to watch my child growth. In this modern era, it ain’t easy to raise a child. There’s many challenging out there. I want to know where my kids going to be an adult.
  7. I want to become MILLIONAIRE . It is one of my dream and to make it come true I need to do business. Is it possible to become Millionaire in 40s?


That’s the reason on why I want to retire before 45s. After this I’ll share about my planning on to retire early. Just wait and read.


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