Why I’m buy second hand

Hye.. How are you? Hope you in good condition to read entire words in this entry.  Do you buy second hand goods? Okay, I ask you and my answer is ‘YES’. I’m not really a second hand buyer before but after doing some analyst I think it is better for me to buy second hand instead using new goods.



I’ve getting in love of second hand goods starting last year. Last year, I’ve buy a second hand motorcycle. The motorcycle price is RM 1,500. Okay, it is cheap and not in 100% good condition but the cost of repair only about RM150. So, it is still cheaper than new one which cost more than RM4,500. After using it about 4 months, the motorcycle is still in good condition. Not much repair, just changing the old tyres after 3 months which cost me RM40.

That’s the last year second hand goods. This year, I just bought a shirt and pants from stall market at my hometown. It is a second hand clothes or known as ‘bundle’. The clothes are still in good condition and I think still suitable for me to use it for work. The cost of 3 white shirt and 3 pants just cost RM48. It is cheaper because I must have at least RM100 to buy a slack pants and shirt at the shopping complex. Look at how many money I can saving. Maybe some of you said the expensive pants and clothes will look more exclusive but why I need that? I’m only an assistant officer and no need to meeting clients. Just using this clothes are enough for me.

The latest second hand goods I’ve buy is a laptop. A second hand Dell laptop is purchasing by me last two day. I bought it for RM 650.00 from one of computer shop that I’ve familiar. The price is not expensive and not too cheap. I’ve not good at negotiable but I’ve reserve the laptop for just a day so it is still a great deal for me.



The answer is easy. It is about the price. Second hand can’t expensive like the new one. Moreover the goods I’ve buy not need a new one. I’ve buy a motorcycle that I rarely used it. I drive the motorcycle to go near place such as mini market or shop which is only 3 km from my house. The shirt I just using at home and pants I just used it to work ( 3 pants can change a week). The laptop is just reserve for my office laptop or my home pc.OO.. It is also make my 2013 wishlist come true..


It ain’t easy to buy a goods that other people have using it. The important thing to consider is you need to look, touch the goods. Avoid buying second hand goods from internet. You don’t know what happen to the goods. In Malaysia, you can look at Mudah.my to buy second hand product but beware of the scam. Sometimes it could give you bad products.

If you buy the second hand at the shop than it is easy for you if there’s a problem with the goods. If you deal with individual, then it is more safety method you need to do.  The concept of touch, see must be done. If you want to buy the engine or mechanical goods, you must have any expertise with you. It is important because many people sell their damage goods that we can’t see interior such as car, motorcycle, house, etc.  You need to be guide from the expert before making decision.

That’s some of the thing you must consider before buying second hand. In the future, I’ve planning to buy some of other’s second hand goods such as :-

  1. House – Okay. It is not cheap but I need a second hand house for investment. Buying a new one is hard for me because of my loan commitment. But I’m not aim to buy any house this year. Maybe next 2 year I’ll get second hand housing.
  2. Furniture. My home is using new furniture but the quality is low. I think I could get second hand furniture from hotel. There’s a second hand furniture shop I’ve found at my hometown. Maybe the furniture from hotel more costly than current my home furniture but still good for money.
  3. Bookcase. Okay, in this New Year, I’ve a resolution to read as much book. So, I think there’s need a bookcase before the book become huge. So, why bother buy first while there’s a second hand bookcase in the market.
  4. Tablet. Okay, one of my wish list to achieved is to get any tabs whether it is iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Okay, that’s all for today. Do you buy second hand goods in your life? Let’s share with me..

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  1. I can’t say that I have ever bought any second-hand goods before. I prefer going bargain hunting for brand new items instead. Like when there is a ‘Sale’ and I can buy new goods at bargain prices. Or waiting a couple of years for supply to exceed demand because of mass production – thus lower prices.

  2. When it comes to property investing, there’s one big advantage to buying an established house. This being that you don’t have the downtime in rent that you would otherwise experience by building a new place.

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