Why pay if you can get it for free

Do you know that there’s many way to save money. One way is to get product which is cheap or free. This is the list of the service or product that could help us to save much money.

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1. WiFi
– Other than go to restaurant or shopping complex you can get the free Wi-Fi at the public libraries. There’s also many government agency building provide wifi for visitor and that’s best place to use it.
2. Book
– Nowadays there’s many book store online using e-reader. So, you can save it from buying it. Okay, maybe some of the ebook is illegal but if you buy e-book it could cost cheaper than buy conventional book.
– There’s also ‘free books’ on bn.com for more than 2 million digital titles or search $0.00 at Amazon or iTunes.
– There’s also lending feature you could swap them with friends. You can search via sites like Booklending.com

3. Get big company perks
– If you work at big company, get the free services such as :-
a) Help kicking the habit plan.
b) Financial planning. You could get seminars with a financial adviser for free. In Malaysia, there’s agency such as AKPK to help you.
c) Tickets to attraction. Many corporation donate to cultural institutions and get admission for employess in return. Ask your office if there’s any chance to get the ticket.
4. Backup data. There’s many services to provide backup for hundred dollar.¬†Nowaday, there’s many Cloud service to help us backup data online.
5. Free software download
There’s a legal freeware that could match popular and expensive software such as :-
– Google Drive ( It has tools that mirror Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Adobe Acrobat)
Avast Free Antivirus ( free antivirus that could great value for your home PC protection)
РPicasa or Photoscape ( Maybe some of us using pirate Photoshop. Why choose illegal if you can use almost same software such as Picasa or Photoscope)
– Open source software such as Open Office, Libre Office and many more powerful tool.
Okay, that’s some free product and service. If you have any additional free product and services let share with me.

Many people fear the economy getting bad as they don't want to be in a
Do you know where your money wasting daily? We always throw money whether we know

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