Why You Don’t Need to Read personal Finance Blog

How are you? I’m not feeling well today but I just want to write this topic after get the idea last week. I’m a financial blogger and I really like to learn and writing about finance but I know not all of us needed to read about the personal finance blog.
It depend on yourself and the situation. What situation ? This is some of the reason why you don’t need to read personal finance blog ?

1. You have RM5 million in your account. You can put it in the fixed deposit and your spending monthly is least than RM10K per month. So, you won’t need to worried about your finance.

2. Your father has 200 acre estate and you are only a son that will belonging all of your father asset.

3. You don’t know how to read. So how come you want to read.

4. You don’t know how to open a computer, pc, laptop, tab, etc…

5. You live in the jungle and don’t need finance knowledge. Why need a financial knowledge if you only make transaction with nature and not human.

6. You don’t need money. You can live without money. But how? Maybe you just get donation of food, living place, etc..

7. You don’t care about financial and want to spend your belonging as you like.

8. You think your financial is better. Maybe you think your knowledge is enough and you don’t need any knowledge from finance blog.

9.  You know when to die. Maybe some of the case the person getting serious illness and has a short time to live. So, they don’t need to know about finance matter and just wait for the time.

10.You know about the future.  The future is unpredictable but if you know the future it is easier for you to manage your finance. Don’t need to learn thing.

11. You think reading personal finance blog is wasting time.

As a normal person, I think we need to read personal finance blog at least one blog per week. Reading the blog could help us to improve our financial. Maybe you disagree some of the point of the article in the blog (especilly yourfinancialblog.com ) but you can compare with them.
What about your opinion ? Do you agree or not with my statement? Let’s share.

Financial Planning is important process in our life. Most of us not pay attention about
Do you really know about finance? It is important for us to know about finance.

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