Why you need credit card

Do you really need a credit card ? Some of us have negative thinking about the credit card. That not right. Credit card also can make benefit for your expenditure if you know how to manage it.

This is some of the reason why you need credit card:-

1. Some of us always work outstation and needed hotel. It is very hard to get fast cash. Most of hotel accept credit card. You can use it to pay the fee. Even you get the advantage, take the hotel that give you reliable price. Don’t just booking the luxury hotel. You must know your limit or you will have problem to pay the debt in the future.
2. Get a discount. Some of credit card give discount in your buying especially at big mall. Take the mall that give the discount but beware of the price. Maybe it just cheated you by using a discount tag. Some of the product is higher than the exact price. Always check before buying.
3. No more cash. The credit card will save your wallet space especially when you want to go travel.
4. More save. If your wallet lose, you can call the provider and they will block the credit card instantly. It is much more safe than cash money that you won’t get back.
5. Most of online shopping required credit card to buy the goods. Buy you need to use it wisely. Beware of credit card fraud.
6. Help establish credit. You must know how to manage your credit wisely using credit card. Pay in time because the provider will always remembered you. If you paid consistently you will know how to manage your finance.
7. It could become emergency source during emergencies such as car broken, medical emergencies .. etc
8. Able to track your personal expenses. Using credit card, you can look at your transaction. Look at the transaction slip.

Nowaday , credit cards are part of our life. That’s why it pays to be familiar with the different characteristics of the various types of card, so you can choose the right mix of interest rate, fees and features for you. Once you’ve got a card, handle it with care.

This is older article but I’ve alter some of the point. I’ve published the article on 12 Jan 2010. Maybe some of the article not relevant .

In this day and age, owning more than one credit card is the norm. People
Credit card is one of biggest problem in all countries. I just read article at

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