Why you need to avoid PARAM

Before you asked me what is PARAM, I need to explain first. PARAM in Malay means ‘Pasar Ramadhan’ or in English ‘Ramadhan market’. It sell many thing related especially food.
It means you buy food at the market for your fasting time. It is also a reason many Muslim wasted their food and money during Ramadhan. Why? I’ve explain in the point on why you need to avoid PARAM.

1) On first day Ramadhan, I’ve buy some food at PARAM which is cost me RM 9.00 (3 piece of ‘ayam percik’- roasted chicken). The cost of RM9.00 is same as raw an half of chicken which means I could make about 5 pieces of chicken.
Look at how different the cost. I’ve buy a milk carrot which cost RM3.00. Honestly, I could buy carrot and milk around RM3.00 and could be used for 3 times jug. It also explained the cost. Is it hard to do it? Not if you want to do it.
Maybe roasted chicken ain’t easy but we can just fried the chicken. I think it is time for us to save and do the right thing in Ramadhan.

2) Is it healthy? We don’t know the quality of food. Maybe they used last day meal. Or maybe they buy at the place that we don’t know about their process. It is hard to predict whether they wash the chicken correctly or just fried it.
We also don’t know if the oil is good or being used for many times. It won’t healthy if the oil using for more than 2 times.

3) It is wasted a time to find a parking. At PARAM we need to parking at the near road. There’s a risk our car being damage by accident. It is not good just to chase food. Unluckily if the place used the parking system and we get fine if forgot to put the payment proof.

4) You will buy unnecessary good. Most of us plan to buy 2-3 things but back with 5-6 bag. It is not good as we can’t finish it. From survey, in Ramadhan there’s many wasted food that could be higher than KLCC. Just wondering how much food we will throw away while this Ramadhan is to teach us how to sharing the suffer of those poor people.

Okay, that’s some of my reason. Do you have any reason to avoid PARAM? Let’s share with me.

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