Withdraw my paypal account to bank

Hello my beloved reader. I just withdraw my paypal money to My bank account. It’s simple to withdraw money to bank account as we just need to find ‘Withdraw’ tab at the top of the ‘Account Overview’. Then, you just need to select several options to withdraw funds from My Paypal account to bank account.
As my location is Malaysia, the fee is free if more than RM400.00 being withdrawn while RM3.00 if less than RM400.00 is withdrawn. The minimum withdrawal amounts is RM40.00
For Malaysian people, click at the link for the instruction How to Withdraw Paypal to Bank Account.

Why paypal is important?

For those who using online as their payment, paypal is one of the greatest online payment method. We don’t need Visa or Mastercard number to write at online seller. Is it more safety as it is not from your bank account. I’ve used paypal for buy domain and hosting from Godaddy.com, buy some product at ebay.com and sometimes receive commision online. It is good way for us but we must beware of scam that want to steal our money. There’s also many cases that scam steal paypal money.
You can read list of paypal scam via Paypal Community here
Pro PayPal E-Commerce (Expert’s Voice)

So, if you involved online transaction that playing with money, it is a must to have paypal account. So, registered your paypal account at http://paypal.com/

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