World Cup malware app that could steal money

World Cup 2014 is the most popular show this month as it get attention to millions people worldwide. Many people get this opportunity to make money by doing some business. Not just legal, there’s also illegal business such as pirate jersey and others.
In technology era, there’s malicious software steals your information by getting the user install it in their smartphone and with World Cup fever at its height, there’s many malware come to smartphone user.

As many football fans searching for World Cup news, photos and videos via smarphone, there is a huge number of mobile apps being offered that can give the information. Not all apps is good, some apps may also serving up hidden programs that steal your personal data once the app is installed on your phone especially those that are unregulated third-party software.

Internet security company, Trend Micro has detected 375 malicious World Cup apps that can read the SMSes on your phone, pinpoint your location, copy your contact list and switch on the camera without your knowledge.
The only way to know if malicious app is on your phone is by using mobile security software to detect it.
Picture Credit :- Truewirelessinc

Cybersecurity Malaysia jad received 532 reports concerning malware from Malaysian users and recorded 1,295,728 malware infections of May. Cybersecurity and Trend Micro advised smartphone users to be more careful of the apps they download. If you get and suspect the malware, contact CyberSecurity Cyber999 Help Centre via email at or call 019-2665850.
– The Star

Why I wrote this ? It is because there’s many cases of people that their data has been reduced instantly which mean the money also could lost. Other than that, it could use your battery and run without any notice which also mean a big loss of money. Am I right? So, always beware when install unknown apps on your mobile device.

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