World food price increase

It is bad news for us. According to the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), the world food price increase 1.4% in September especially higher meat, dairy and cereals prices. It is happen because of the possible food shortage in the Europe, US Midwest and central Asia.
FAO also forecast that cereal production will shortage. They predict 2.286 billion tonnes of cereal to be produced that down from 2.295 billion tonnes estimated a month ago. The current prediction mean a 2.6 fall in cereal production for this year. The organization also predict that it could be the same by the end of 2013.
Rising Food Prices
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The cereal prices increase 1% from August, meat price were up to 2.1% , dairy price rose 7% but sugar prices fell to 4.2%

Source :- BBC

When we talk about food, it is the big problem. Increase of the food prices will effect many part of our life. It will involved not only our health but also effect on organization. The government must know how to handle this situation because it could become an issue and make political issue.

The poor country will get more problem while the rich country effect on their economy. Maybe some of us must eating in proper way now to avoid waste.

// I’m dreaming to become a farmer after retired. It is not to become a millionaire but help people to get food supply.

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