Write an Essay and win a house

Wow.. It is good but unlucky me because I’m not US citizen. The essay contest has been made by Matthew Brownfield’s a software programmer that want to sell their house at Historic District of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He and his family lived in the house for half a year but put it on the market just as real estate prices were taking a nosedive. He and his wife try some creative and unconventional ways to sell the house. The idea of the essay contest inspired the question for it.

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• How has the Economic Downturn affected you and your family? • Why would receiving this house help your situation more than others?

It is an easy contest. People need to submitt the essay with cost $100. The lucky winner will be decided after he get 1,000 entries and get the 100-year-old home as a prize on June 15. If the contest does not attract that number, the winner will get half of the money that is raised and the Brownfields would put the other half toward their mortgage. He has yet to get a single entry but it will get entry after this contest being promote via ABC and internet.
Source :- ABCNews
Hope there’s a 1,000 people enter the contest.. So, who said buying a house is not liability?

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