10 Barbara Corcoran Twitter Quote That Could Boost Our Motivation

Do you know Barbara Corcoran ? She is an American businesswoman, investor, speaker, consultant, syndicated columnist, author and television personality.
She known as an investor in reality show on ABC’s Shark Tank. Eventhough her age is same like my mom but her passion really surprised me. She is multi millionaire using her strength and could win heart to many business people.

I’m follow her twitter as she wrote many motivation quote for us. In this article I’ll share 10 quote that movitaed me :-

1) ‘The hardest lesson to learn is that you’re more capable than you think you are .’
2) ‘ The most powerful way to build any relationship and make someone feel valued is to listen. Open your ears!’
3) ‘ All the best entrepreneurs are not working to become rich, they’re working to solve something’.
4) ‘Figure out a way to build up your and your business’s credibility simultaneously and you’re well on your way to success’.
5) ‘Whenever I feel stuck, I get up from my desk and go outside. I’ve never had a creative idea sitting at my desk’.
6) ‘I tripped over my biggest success when I was running like hell to get somewhere else. I wouldn’t have found it if I had been sitting down!’
7) ‘Negativity is a blood sucking, poisonous, good for nothing weed that kills any creative spark you have in business and in life’.
8) ‘There are hundreds of reasons not to do something. You only need to find ONE good reason to do it’.
9) ‘Attitude is 99.9 percent of everything. If you have an attitude that you will find an opportunity, you will find that opportunity’.
10) ‘Confidence is the result of overcoming the negative tape you play over and over in your own head’

There’s many tweet from her that could inspire us. The tweet is not just those entreprenuers, also an advice for us to live as a successful person. Just follow her twitter at Barbara Corcoran.

OO yeah, you also can follow my twitter to at https://twitter.com/poorblogger

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