10 Financial Questions to Ask Your Partner Before You Move In Together

Are you really want to move in together? If yes, then you need to prepare especially in your financial management. It is important to manage your finance.
It isn’t going to be just the two of you ; it’s the two of you plus the money you wil bring to the relationship.

There’s many questionnaire you need to answer. Read this 10 financial question create by Kevin O’Leary from Cold Hard Truth on Men, Women and Money :-


1) How much do you make a year (you’d be surprised at how few couples know this about each other!), and how do you imagine splitting our finances in the future.

2) How much debt do you have? How much of it is credit card debt?

3) Do you want kids? How many (Yes, this ia part of a financial decision)

4) Have you ever been bankrupt or had a business that went under? How and why? How’s your credit history now?

5) Do you borrow or have you borrowed, money from family or friends?

6) Do you gamble or buy lottery tickets?

7) Do you have a pension or anything saved for retirement ?

8) What about cars? Do you lease or own?

9) Do you have student loans? Are you making regular payments?

10)Describe your money style. Do you consider yourself a big spender or super frugal? What’s more important to you : fancy holidays or paying down a mortgage?

All this 10 question could become your guideliness. The important part is abaout balance. It is time for you to find out before buying thing that using big amount of money.

For more money tips, try read book by Kevin O’Leary . Click at picture below

Cold Hard Truth

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