10 Questions that will help you earn more money

Do you work full time but still have your own business on the side? It sound hard but possible now. Hera are 10 questions that will guide us to make a side business and start earning more money :-


1. What’s your favorite hobby ?
– A hobby can turn into a side bussiness. DOn’t you believe? Okay, My hobby now is blogging and I’ve writing many blog such as yourhealthblog, rear-wheel.com and get some income with it. I’ve started the small company related with blog activity. It is my hobby, there’s many thing you can do. Many people earn money from their hobbies and make it as their side income.
2. What do you already do for free?
– What are you expert? Or what you like to read? If you have any expertise in any field, you can turn ito coaching business or consultancy. I’m also trying to become an expert in my blog niche field and maybe next 5 years I could give consultancy.
3. What’s your most marketable skill?
– Your skill can be sold. Make your skill as a side income. For example, if you have a good public relations skill, you can do a part time PR for any company or individual.
4. What kind of legacy do you want to leave?
– Any knowledge you have can pass to others with the product. Writing your knowledge into book or ebook or blog could earn much more money.
5. Are you part of a community?
– You need to become a part of community. If you’re in community then there’s a possibility to earn money. Let’s say you are a leader on your village or apartment. You can earn money by doing some activity in your area.
6. How can your friends help you?
– Friends are important if you want to make business without resign your current work. You need to have trusty friends who can run your business. It could save your time.
7. Does your full-time job easily convert into freelance work ?
– Okay, my work can’t.. It is suitable if you work in a specialized field. The skill could convert into freelance work and sometimes you can make your own business even you still work in the company.
8. What do you need help with?
– All of us have weakness but we need to improve it or getting help. For example, I’m not really expert about health and car eventhough I’ve wrote blog about the niche. There’s many way to ensure I’ve still writing about the niche. One way is to get writer and hire it. It also same for other’s work. If you can’t do some work, find expertise and give some money. Using the skill and combine with your work.
9. What do you read about for pleasure ?
– Reading habits is important for any business. You must read to get more knowledge. It is not specific for your field only. You can read novel or comic to refresh your brain and maybe get some new idea.
10. Can you find a role model ?
– It is important to find role model to give motivation. You don’t need to become his/her achievement but make him/her as your mentor.

Reference :- Money USNews
I’ve reference the main point only and elaborate as I’ve know.

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Just like any other social relationship, the one that you have with your business partners

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