10 Ways to Save Money Practical

I think it is important to expose some simple tips on financial management, and everyone can do it. In this regard I am pleased to reveal 10 tips to save money effectively:-


1. Practice tactics ask or negotiate price to get discounts when buying physical goods in any place. It is good to try, if it can be discounted, and the price is lower than the original it is a bonus on us.

2. Using Online Coupon in purchasing online over the Internet. For those who like online shopping mcm ni can use various types of coupons in Retailmenot.Com, DailyDeals.Com, MyCoupons.Com and etc.

3. Purchase of goods during the early promotional or seasonal nature. This is important when we buy products in the promotion season of celebration.

4. Save your electricity bills by using the crystal monitor lcd / plasma (thin) compared with CRT monitors (shotgun) that use a lot of power. Please ‘UnPlug’ or disconnect all electrical plug (tv, pc, laptop, charger etc) when leaving the house or during electrical goods are not used.

5.Save your car’s petrol consumption by ensuring that the tires always have enough air pressure every week and this can reduce gas mileage up to 2%. Using aircond if necessary only as it will use your more fuel . Open your window if the weather is cool (except when it is rain).

6. Save money by using second hand or auction items. I think it is quite practical since there are many related web auction or sell second hand goods with a greatly reduced price.

7. Stop eating out or at a fast food restaurant MCD, KFC, Pizza Hut, etc. .. Learn to cook their own meals at home with a more organic food and natural. This is a positive approach in life for the long term and good for your health.

8.Always monitor utility expenses such as telephone, electricity, water,cable tv, and other Internet related.Avoid wasting the reckless, always fully appreciate the blessings. When we know our monthly spending bill will certainly find plenty of space can be saved.

9. Stop smoking, drinking alcohol, gambling, discos, movies or other forms of ‘fun’ which is not beneficial for the long term.If you want to wander outside the plan well. Better if travel in the country to avoid wasting a lot more.

10.Use credit cards wisely and collect points to redeem valuable goods. While credit cards are not good because it causes ‘overspending’ in financial management, but we need to be disciplined to ensure they are able to be good financial tools.Ensure full and NEVER pay only the minimum payment each month. This is a big mistake for credit card users.

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Hopefully these tips will help you improve your finances.

“Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.”

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