12 worst credit card mistakes

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Using credit card is fun but we need to pay attention because it could be our worst nightmare. There’s many mistake make by credit card owner and in this entry I’ll show you  12 worst credit card mistake


1. Have you heard about the credit card rewards? Some of the provider will make reward to take attention of customer. Use the reward wisely because there’s ain’t always reward provide by them.

2. Most of credit card user not managing their statement and payments. All of the bill has throw away and they just paid. They not reviewing their spending habit and sometimes the spending is out of reach.
3. Sign up just to get free T-shirt, umbrella or 10% discount is not a good offer. The important is not incentive but the services that they provide.
4. Not trying to reduce your credit card debit. You need to call your card issuer and ask a lower rate. Threaten to leave if they don’t reduce the rate.

5. Giving others your credit card. It always happen especially to the family. Give a card to your son is not a good idea..
6. Spending more than you can afford. What to write? It always happen to card owner..
7. Lending a card to others.  What on earth they think? Don’t trust anyone to use credit card even your family.
8. Using it while travel without research foreign transaction fees. Traveler always make this mistake. They only think about the price but not the foreign transaction fees. It could cost your money.
9. Signing up a card that have annual fee but not remind it at your calendar. Most of country force credit card annual fee. Sometimes the owner forget about it.
10.Use your card like debit card.. Not care about the damage will happen.
11. Using credit card at the website that not secure. They could steal your identity and mostly they could use your credit card. It will cost you much money.
12. Purchase at entrusted shop. It happen if you think all shop is trusty..

Okay, that’s my point of credit card mistake. I know there’s more mistake credit card user do.. I’m not using credit card anymore. Just using a debit card. More safety form my pocket.

Nowadays, many credit consumers turn their credit transfer because they see the benefits of it.
Do you own credit card? Do you really know about the credit card terms ?

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